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Gardening Tips For Spring Time

by Erik Wolting of All Seasons Gardening & Landscaping


Pests that appear on lush new spring growth are eliminated or greatly reduced by properly applying dormant sprays now. They effectively kill the over wintering eggs of aphids, mites, most scales, plus many other pests and some plant diseases that are now in their most vulnerable stage. For most fruit trees apply a fixed copper or a lime-sulfur mixed with horticultural oil. For apricots use only fixed copper. The lime-sulfur may kill the apricot tree.

When to treat: After the leaves drop or just before the tender buds begin to swell and open. Avoid treatment just prior to rain as this will reduce its’ efficacy.


Lawn Weeds - To prevent crabgrass reoccurrence apply a pre-emergent herbicide to lawns early this spring to prevent weed seeds from germinating later.


Dormant Prune - This is the last month to safely prune deciduous trees, fruit trees, grapes, roses, summer blooming shrubs, and Wisteria before the weather warms and growth begins.

Winter annuals - To keep your fall planted annuals, (e.g. pansies) vigorous, remove the spent flowers, pinch off weak growth and feed them with a liquid fertilizer (for more immediate results) or a granular fertilizer.


Winter / Fall Annuals - Fill in bare spots with calendula, cineraria, Iceland poppy, nemesia, pansy, primrose, snapdragon, stock, sweet pea, and viola.

Cool Season Vegetables - plant seeds of beets, carrots, chives, endive, kale, lettuce, fennel, mustard, leeks, green onion, radishes, parsley, peas, Swiss chard, and spinach. Also set out seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

Bare-Roots – Still enough time to get some of your bare-roots plants in: i.e. roses, fruit trees, grapes, berries, etc.


Now is the best time to plan a full design for your property, or even fix problem areas. Get the plan done before Spring, that way when the rain stops you are ready to go for an install. Construction prices for labor and material are at an all time low. Now is the time to get the best bang for your buck.

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